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Healing the body with the power of the mind

Healing the body with the power of the mind

Researchers have long studied the healing power of the mind on the body. What they have concluded is that when the element of belief is strong, healing the body with the mind is possible.

The placebo effect

The placebo effect has become a well-recognised phenomenon in modern-day medical treatments. A placebo is defined as an inert, innocuous substance that has no effect on the body. When given a placebo, patients simply believe they are taking an actual drug and subsequently feel better because of it, although they didn’t actually receive any “active” treatment.

In this instance, “belief” is the factor that triggers the subconscious mind-healing programme. However, that trigger is not always obvious.

The current body of evidence now shows the benefits of placebos and sham surgeries that deliver the same effects as potent drugs or actual surgery, proving that the power of the mind or power of belief can really be a healing force. It accounts for one-third of all improvements and cures documented in many studies.

Science and mind healing

Scientist who have extensively researched this phenomenon in order to gain a fuller understanding of when and how mind-healing works have come to the conclusion that mind-healing powers lie in the subconscious.

The goal of the subconscious is to create coherence and agreement between what the mind believes and what is reality.

It allows the brain to accept beliefs as truths and act accordingly. Beliefs can either heal or make you sick.

The science of epigenetics can explain the way your mind heals your body. The primary factor that affects how a gene expresses itself is the cell’s environment, except for the case when a gene has a programmed defect.

Nutrients, hormones, brain chemicals, and toxins are the main factors that determine the quality of a cell’s environment.

However, the most important elements are perception and beliefs. The fact remains that your thoughts and emotions have an impact on the brain to make it release chemicals.

Because the healing and the damage-controlling property of your mind happens inside your body and takes place unconsciously, you normally don’t take any notice of its progress.

Mind–healing methods

Mind-healing techniques, both ancient and new, are to guide the subconscious to heal. When used correctly and consistently, these methods can bring positive effects to your mental and physical health.

Some common methods include visualisation, hypnosis, tapping and so on. It is important not to let your subconscious be primed, coaxed, manipulated, or bullied.

Mind-healing techniques can be used in combination with conventional medical treatment and natural remedies.

There are a variety of options such as therapy, herbs, medication, healing foods, emotional healing techniques, meditation, hypnosis or surgery.

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