Near Death Experience

There are two subjects in this section:

  1. Near Death Experience (NDE)
  2. Out of Body Experience (OBE)
Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience is perhaps one of the most controversial issues in the scientific community. Is it or is it not real? In this section, I have attempted to collect some of the more interesting stories about NDE to give you an idea what the debate is all about.

  1. Dr. Raymond Moody: Life after Life
  2. Scientific Explanations for NDE
  3. Personal Accounts (Different cultures with some common experiences)
      1. From China: Shawn’s probable NDE
      2. From China: A Marxist’s NDE
      3. From India: Dr. Kumar’s NDE
      4. From Iraq: Colonel Fahad’s NDE
      5. From Malaysia: Wan’s NDE
      6. From Malaysia: A Doctor’s NDE
      7. From Singapore: Hazeliene’s NDE
      8. From Turkey: Gulden’s NDE

Out of Body Experience (OBE)

Another bone of contention is the out of body experience. Out of body experience (OBE) is different from near death experience in that the experience does not involved the process of death or dying. However, by all accounts, the “spiritual” experience is otherwise quite similar.

Here are some interesting links on OBE:

  1. What is Out of Body Experience (OBE)?
  2. Scientific Researches on OBE
    1. Out of Body Experience Research Foundation
    2. First “Out of Body” Experience Induced in Laboratory Setting
    3. Electrodes trigger Out of Body Experience
  3. How to Self-Induced an OBE
    1. How to have an OBE – Robert Monroe’s Method
    2. Out of Body Experiences: How to have them and what to expect, by Robert Peterson
  4. Personal Accounts of OBE
    1. Candy’s OBE
    2. Aldo’s OBE
    3. Sam’s OBE
    4. My own spontaneous OBE – twice
  5. OBE and Lucid Dreaming

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