End of Life Care and Issues

This section dwells on a topic that is often considered difficult to talk about – end of life care and issues. Still, despite the discomfort, it is important to talk about these end of life care and issues. Often, this offers a last opportunity to resolve personal and inter-personal conflicts, house-keeping and wills, and advance medical directives.

We will cover these areas:

  1. Overview of End-Of-Life
    1. National Cancer Institute: End of Life Care
  2. Advance Medical Directive
    1. Advance Medical Directive sample form
  3. Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Issues
    1. Physical Signs & Symptoms of Dying
    2. End of Life Psychological Issues
      1. Fears of dying and death
      2. Closures
    3. End of Life Phenomena
      1. Premonition of Death
      2. Deathbed Visions
      3. Transition
      4. Preparation for a Journey
      5. Terminal Lucidity
      6. Deathbed Coincidences
  4. Pain Management
  5. Family Caregiving Issues
  6. Grief and Bereavement