How to use Covid rapid test kit (rtk)

Unlike a PCR test that requires a doctor or lab technician to perform and a lab to process, a Covid rapid test kit (rtk) is easy to use, and can be performed by anyone who can read and follow the instructions in the test kit. PCR test result can take up to 24 hours but an rtk result can be […]

Who should take Paxlovid?

Paxlovid is a drug that is approved under emergency use for the treatment of Covid-19 infection. However, this drug is not for everyone who has the Covid-19 infection because it has quite a number of side effects. At the same time, this drug has not fully completed the necessary clinical trials and is not approved by the US FDA. So, […]

Criteria for second Covid-19 booster shot

Those aged 60 and above can receive a second Covid-19 vaccine booster dose voluntarily four to six months after their first booster. For people aged 18 to 59, they can get their second booster shot if they have chronic diseases and after consulting a medical practitioner. This includes those who are at clinical risk of severe disease such as chronic […]

Criteria for the initiation of Paxlovid treatment

Paxlovid antiviral therapy is effective for high-risk COVID-19 patients who have mild to moderate symptoms to prevent the disease from worsening. However, the antiviral treatment has to be initiated within five (5) days from the onset of symptoms. Therefore, if you are in a high-risk group, get a medical assessment early to determine your eligibility to take Paxlovid.

Close Contact Updates effective 1 March 2022

Beginning 1 March 2022, the protocol for close contact who are fully vaccinated (2 initial doses plus a booster dose) and asymptomatic has been relaxed further. This group of people do not need to be quarantined. However, they will still need to monitor their health status daily, looking out for early symptoms. In addition, they will also need to self-test […]

HCW Close Contact Protocol Update Feb 2022

Due to the alarmingly increasing number of Covid-19 cases among healthcare workers (HCW) this month, the Health Ministry has updated its protocol of close contact among HCW, with regards to the needs for testing and isolation. In brief, see below: For the full details, see the attached pdf below: