Covid-19: Management of Close Contact in Hulu Langat District

PENGURUSAN KONTAK RAPAT COVID19 PKD HULU LANGAT URUSAN: Pemotongan gelang, serahan surat pelepasan kuarantin, Annex17. TEMPAT : KHEMAH , PKD HULU LANGAT, Jln Reko, Hentian Kajang. ISNIN – JUMAAT: 08:30AM – 12:30PM (WALK-IN)(Release Order Close contact) SABTU & CUTI UMUM : 09:00AM – 12:30PM (WALK-IN)(Release Order Close contact) AHAD : TIDAK BEROPERASI URUSAN: Pemakaian gelang, serahan surat arahan kuarantin, Annex14. […]

To close or not to close?

WE DECIDED TO CLOSE We did not need to close our clinic, and the ministry’s SOP does not require us to close as well. The SOP does not even require us to be tested. The reason is because the conditions of our initial close contact – when you take into consideration all relevant factors – means that we are at […]

Clinic staff all tested negative for Covid-19

We have just received the Covid-19 swab test results from the hospital. All our staff – Dr. Ong and the 2 nurses – tested negative for Covid-19. We take this opportunity to thank all our patients and friends who were concern about our well being and were supportive of our effort to be transparent and safe. A friendly reminder again […]

Important Announcement

Last Saturday, we saw a patient with fever who was later tested positive for Covid-19, and warded. As a precautionary measure, we decided to send all our staff to a nearby hospital for the Covid-19 swab tests this morning. We expect to get the results soon, probably by tomorrow. Since both the patient and our staff wore masks, we are […]