Buddhist Cosmology: A Beginner’s Guide

Buddhist cosmology is all about understanding the universe’s structure and our spiritual journey within it. Unlike some religious cosmologies that describe a static, one-time creation event, Buddhist cosmology is more dynamic, emphasizing cycles of creation and destruction. It’s a bit like a cosmic recycling program! The Three Realms Buddhist cosmology divides the universe into three … Read more

The Tao of Growing Old

Hello everyone, Today, let’s take a little journey into a philosophy that can offer us some wisdom and peace as we navigate this beautiful chapter of our lives. I’m talking about the Tao, which means “the Way.” It’s an ancient Chinese philosophy that teaches us to live in harmony with the natural flow of life. … Read more

Understanding the Taoist Cosmology

Taoist cosmology is a fascinating and intricate system that explains how the universe works according to Taoist beliefs. Imagine it as a big picture of how everything fits together, from the smallest grain of sand to the vastness of the cosmos. Here’s a simple way to understand it: The Tao At the heart of Taoist … Read more

What is Sati-Sampajañña?

Sati and sampajañña are two key concepts in Buddhism that go hand in hand. Why is Sati-Sampajañña Important in Buddhist Practice? Well, here are some of the reasons. So, in a nutshell, sati-sampajañña is about being fully present and understanding your actions deeply. It enriches your meditation, helps you see the true nature of things, … Read more

Yoniso Manasikara: Wise Attention

Let’s talk about Yoniso Manasikara today. It’s a Pali term from Buddhist teachings that translates to “wise attention”, “thorough attention” or “penetrative attention”. The word “yoni” is a Pali term that means womb, or birth, or origin. “Manas” is another Pali word for mind or mental faculty. Together, Yoniso Manasikara means to pay wise attention … Read more

Dhamma-cakkhu: Attaining the Dhamma Eye

Today, I’d like to talk about something profound in our practice: attaining the Dhamma eye. This is a pivotal moment in a Buddhist’s spiritual journey, marking the first glimpse of enlightenment. So, what does it mean to attain the Dhamma eye? Simply put, it’s about seeing the true nature of reality. This insight aligns closely … Read more

The Benefits of Befriending Your Own Shadows

Have you ever noticed how the parts of yourself you like the least tend to hang around like unwanted guests at a party? You know, those nagging insecurities, old regrets, and fears that pop up when you least expect them. It’s like having shadows that follow you everywhere, even on the brightest days. But here’s … Read more