Waking Up to Death & Funerals

For a long time, talking about death and funerals has been seen as a taboo – a topic to be avoided and shunned. However, attitude towards death is slowly changing. Young people nowadays are more open to talking about death and dying, perhaps partly due to the Covid pandemic. Here is a simple article about … Read more

Lucid Dream Best Techniques

Here is an interesting article about lucid dreaming, and the research on the best technique to induce lucid dreaming. Generally, a good dream recall is a prerequisite to lucid dreaming. Dream recall is a skill that can be enhanced by keeping a dream journal, audio recording your dream or even simply mentally recalling your dream … Read more

Effective home remedy for Viral Warts

I recently came across a home remedy that actually works to clear viral warts on the skin. The ingredients are simply baking soda and oil. I choose to use DoTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil. The oil is used as a base for the baking soda. Mix both up until it becomes like a paste. Then, put … Read more

How to use Covid rapid test kit (rtk)

Unlike a PCR test that requires a doctor or lab technician to perform and a lab to process, a Covid rapid test kit (rtk) is easy to use, and can be performed by anyone who can read and follow the instructions in the test kit. PCR test result can take up to 24 hours but … Read more

Who should take Paxlovid?

Paxlovid is a drug that is approved under emergency use for the treatment of Covid-19 infection. However, this drug is not for everyone who has the Covid-19 infection because it has quite a number of side effects. At the same time, this drug has not fully completed the necessary clinical trials and is not approved … Read more