Life is fragile. Don’t Wait. Live it well now.

This week alone, two friends were admitted into a hospital. Both were about 60 years old. One fell from the stairs, fractured his skull and a couple of vertebra on his neck, and is still unconscious in ICU. The other, unfortunately, succumbed to his lung infection.

Both still have a lot to live for, and were looking forward to a good retirement. Though we can plan, the final outcome is often not in our hands. More so as we grow older.

Life is fragile, and uncertain.

Most Asians work extremely hard in their younger days, preferring to save for their future. The idea is that you accumulate a huge savings that you can use for your old age. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that we can live to an old age. Disease, accident or some other unexpected mishap could rob us of life in an instance.

Thus, while it is prudent to save for old age and rainy days, it is equally wise to live well now. If you have the opportunity to do good, do it now. If you have the opportunity to learn new things or get new experiences, do it now. If you haven’t said “thank you” or “I love you” to those who matter in your life, do it now. Don’t wait.

If you are irritated by a friend or colleague, let it go. If you are angry with your spouse or child, let it go. If you have a conflict with your parent, let it go. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. Learn to let go of your anger, your frustrations, your conflicts. Learn to hold peace in your heart. Learn to hold love in your heart.

Ask yourself, “What would love do in this situation?”

Learn to live well now.