The Danger is real, but Fear is optional

The Danger is real, but Fear is optional

I have said this before, and I will say it again here – In this pandemic, we are not just fighting against the Covid-19 virus. We also need to fight and manage our own fears.

The danger is very real, but fear is optional.

It is almost instinctual for human to fear the unknown. At the initial outbreak of this Covid-19 pandemic, we know very little about the virus. So, the exaggerated panic was not unexpected.

However, we are now 9 months into this pandemic, and we have learned a great deal more about this virus. We know how it spreads, and therefore we know how we can protect ourselves. We know what happens when it enters our body, and so we are more prepared to treat and support patients infected with the virus.

Let the doctors deal with the task of caring and treating the infected patient.

Our own task – which is the task of everyone – is to protect ourselves from this infection, and to prevent this infection from spreading to others.

To face an enemy, we must first learn as much about the enemy as we can. Accurate information helps us to make rationale decisions. So, firstly, let us learn as much about the virus as we can, and especially the relevant information that we will need to protect ourselves. Click here to learn about the Covid-19 virus. This will give us an understanding of the virus and the rationale for the SOP in place. Follow them strictly and diligently.

The more we know the enemy, and the more we know how to protect ourselves, the less we have to fear. There is less unknown factor.

However, for the majority of us, there will still be some lingering anxiety and worry. Do not dwell on them. Instead, turn your mind to some productive activities. Read, cook, exercise, do some gardening. Do anything that can keep your mind occupied in a positive way.

For the more discerning ones, observe your own mind. Look at the thoughts that arise, and see how they affect and give rise to your feelings of fear and anxiety. Examine your views, beliefs and attitude, and review them in light of the new evidence and information we know about this virus. Perhaps some old beliefs and fears should be discarded, and some new more informed precautions put in place. See how tightly you cling to your body, feelings and thoughts, and learn to let go of that clinging. You might even be able to reflect on your own fear of dying.

Know that you can surrender or let go of any or all of these – views, beliefs, attitude, even clinging to body, feelings and thoughts. All can be let go of. Try it and see how it relaxes your muscles and body, and loosen your tightly bound mind as well. Feel the tension eases away.

When you are able to manage your own inner feelings and thoughts, you would have gained an inner peace that you probably never knew was there all along.

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