This section contains some very interesting and often controversial issues in healthcare.

Mind-Body Medicine

Some topics, such as the mind-body link issue was previously regarded as controversial but is now firmly accepted by scientists and doctors, although other areas such as near death experiences are still controversial. There is every likelihood that what are regarded as controversial issues today may one day also find acceptance in mainstream science.

  1. Mind-Body Medicine
  2. How and When did the Mind-Body Split in Medicine?
  3. End of Life Care and Issues
  4. Near Death Experience
  5. Consciousness and Altered States
  6. The Power of Beliefs

Rejuvenation Medicine (Anti-Aging Medicine) Another big area that is at the leading edge of science is the subject of stem cell therapy. Ten years ago, it was regarded as experimental at best and bogus science at worse. Today, you have famous athletes such as Tiger Woods (golf) and Lee Chong Wei (badminton) and other personalities frequently using stem cell therapies as quick and effective treatments for injuries and for rejuvenation.

  1. History of Cell Therapy
  2. Stem Cell Therapy
  3. Researches on Rejuvenation Medicine
  4. Oregon scientists get stem cells from cloned human embryos
  5. Gold standard stem cells created by British scientists
  6. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
  7. Peptide Therapy

Stem cell products are produced in countries such as Switzerland, France, USA, South Korea, Japan and China. In Malaysia, stem cell therapy products are brought in mainly by companies in the aesthetic business due to its anti-aging properties.

Pain Control for the Terminally Ill

Past Life Regression

Another contentious area in healing is that of past life regression. Below is my limited experience in past life regression.

  1. Past Life Regression: An Unconventional Therapy

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