Covid-19 Information Page

This page contains useful Covid-19 information that you may need to know in order to keep you and your family safe as well as to know what to do in certain specific situations, such as when you are a close contact.

[Click here for some Covid-19 infographics]

  1. Covid-19 Movement Control Order (MCO)
    1. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
    2. Covid-19 Hospitals
  2. About Covid-19 Infection
    1. Getting to know your Covid-19 infection
    2. How do I know if I have a Covid-19 infection?
    3. You have Covid-19 infection. What next?
    4. Home Quarantine Guidelines
  3. Covid-19 Close Contact Guidelines
    1. I am a close contact. What should I do?
    2. Know who you are in the Covid-19 chain
    3. Guidelines on Management of Close Contact
  4. Covid-19 Tests
    1. Understanding the Covid-19 Tests
    2. How accurate are the three types of Covid-19 tests?
    3. Search for Clinics offering Covid-19 tests
  5. Home Isolation Guides
    1. Sunway Medical Home Isolation Guides
    2. Panduan Pengasingan Diri Di Rumah (July 2021)
  6. Covid-19 Vaccines
    1. Understanding the different types of Covid-19 vaccines
    2. What you need to know about the Covid-19 vaccines
    3. I have hypertension and diabetes. Should I signed up for the vaccine?
    4. I have allergies. Can I take the Covid-19 vaccine?
    5. What you should know when signing up for the AstraZeneca vaccine
    6. AstraZeneca Vaccine: How do you weight the risks and benefits?
    7. Register for Covid-19 Vaccines
    8. Why you can’t compare Covid-19 vaccine
  7. Useful Covid-19 Contacts
    1. Klinik Kesihatan yang menjalani saringan Covid-19
    2. Covid-19 Helplines
    3. Bilik Gerakan Covid-19 Wilayah Persekutuan KL & Lembah Klang
    4. Covid-19 Assessment Centres (CAC) in Selangor
    5. Bilik Gerakan Kesihatan Daerah Selangor
  8. Covid-19 Management Guidelines for Doctors
    1. All Covid-19 Guidelines by Ministry of Health (MOH)
    2. Management of Exposure Categories (For HCW)
    3. Suspected case of Covid-19: How to manage
    4. Covid-19 Case Definition
    5. Covid-19 Infection: Classification of Severity
    6. Updates on Management of Covid-19 (uploaded on 27/5/2021)
    7. Covid-19 Training Slides (2020)
    8. Covid-19 Updates (December 2020)
    9. Clinical Guidelines for Covid-19 Vaccination in Malaysia 2nd Edition (2021)
    10. Clinical Guidelines for Covid-19 Vaccination in Malaysia 3rd Edition (July 2021)
    11. Guidelines on Covid-19 Vaccination in pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers (July 2021)
    12. Covid-19 Latest Guidelines for Hulu Langat District (July 2021)
    13. MOH Covid Exposure Guidelines for HCW
    14. UMMC Covid Exposure Guidelines for HCW