The Type of Fat You Eat Makes the Difference

The Type of Fat You Eat Makes the Difference

A new study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Session this year appears to show that it is not how much fat you eat, but what type of fat you eat, that may make the difference in whether you will be at risk for stroke or not, or other cardiovascular diseases.

Unsaturated fats – both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated – that are found in plants and seeds are healthier for us than are animal fats that contain mainly saturated fats. Trans fat is also unhealthy for us.

Compared to animal fats, plant fats help to reduce overall mortality, stroke, cardiovascular events, cancers and even diabetes by at least 10%.

Interestingly, dairy fat or fat from milk-based products does not seem to make a significant difference to stroke outcome.

For more details on this study, click here.

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