Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Last Saturday, we saw a patient with fever who was later tested positive for Covid-19, and warded.

As a precautionary measure, we decided to send all our staff to a nearby hospital for the Covid-19 swab tests this morning. We expect to get the results soon, probably by tomorrow.

Since both the patient and our staff wore masks, we are considered at low risk of getting the infection (according to the Ministry of Health Guideline – see image below), and the clinic staff are not required to be tested, nor the clinic to be closed.

However, as an extra level of precaution, for the safety of both our patients and staff, we have decided not to see any patients until we know our results.

The clinic was closed for disinfection and sanitisation today.

Meanwhile, we are happy to report that we, the staff, are all in good health.

We are aware of a message being viralled in the social media implying that we are infected with the Covid-19 virus. If this is true, why would we still need to be tested? We should already have been warded and quarantined.

This notice is to give you the true story.

Please do not share unverified messages and spread more unnecessary fear in the community.

And please wear your face mask at all time when you are out. It can make a huge difference.

Stay safe!

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