Dr. Ong Tien Kwan
(a.k.a. Tim Ong)

1. Biodata of Dr. Ong Tien Kwan

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2. Books written by Dr. Ong Tien Kwan

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3. Dhamma-Inspired Workshops by Dr. Ong Tien Kwan

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4. Dhamma Talks by Dr. Ong Tien Kwan

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5. Special Talks during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic, which started in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, and quickly spread worldwide, was a time of great stress and challenge for many people the world over. In Malaysia, the Buddhist community got together to organise a series of talks to help inform, advice and guide people in dealing with the many restrictions and challenges arising from the pandemic.

Staying Positive during the Pandemic (November 2020)

Mental Health Impact of Covid-19 (April, 2021)

Psychology in Buddhism series #1 (July - Nov, 2021)

Psychology in Buddhism series #2 (May - September, 2022)

6. Printed Books


* Note: For "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life" that was published by David Riklan, Dr. Ong is only one of the many contributing authors, together with other authors like Byron Katie, Les Brown, Ken Blanchard and Mark Victor Hansen.
** Anyone interested in getting a copy of the above printed book(s) may contact Dr. Ong (while stock lasts).

7. Maha Karuna Compassionate Home

Venerable Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thero, the Chief Monk of the Sri Jayanti Buddhist Temple in Sentul, initiated the setting up of an old folks home for the destitute when a devotee donated a vacant house at Taman Midah, Kuala Lumpur. Together with a group of Buddhist devotees and volunteers, Dr. Ong presided over many meetings in order to organise, plan, apply and finally get the approval for the setting up of the Maha Karuna Compassionate Home in Taman Midah in 2003. Dr. Ong served as its first president. He oversaw and trained the staff until they were able to deal efficiently with the day-to-day running of the home and its dependents before passing the baton to newer and younger committee members.

8. Sungai Long Buddhist Society

With the guidance of Venerable Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thero, Dr. Ong and a group of enthusiastic and young Buddhists started the Sungai Long Buddhist Society, which was formally registered in 2006. He served as its founding president for several years. Dr. Ong was also the main dhamma speaker and trainer for the society's members. His wife, Thang Mee Yuen, started the Sunday Dhamma School for the young children of the members, serving as its first Sunday Dhamma School principal.

9. Dr. Ong meeting Bob Proctor in one of his talks on The Law of Attraction